This film was completed for a coursework project and aims to show a little of the human story behind one of the bloodiest battles in wartime history 

The Battle of the Somme



This project was completed for a social project and is aimed at promoting cyber safety amongst 10-14 year olds. Please contact me if you would like to use this video in your own communications on social awareness 

This animation was produced for a competition to feature in the opening sequence of the Lego Ninjago movie. 



Here are a few of my brick films, from the early ones when I was learning, to some of my latest films 

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Star Wars Rogue One - The Battle of the Beach
The Secret About Stormtroopers
Duel of the Wizards - Gandalf v Dumbeldore


I was commissioned to build an MRI scanner in Lego for Dr Margot Crossman, Behavioural Neuro-Scientist at the University of Roehampton.


This video was a little add-on and it is now shown to all freshers before they start working with MRI scanners, although to date they have not had to deal with quite such a tricky patient!




Here are some of my competition entries. 


The overly exaggerated temper tantrum was entered into the ............... competition which, ................................

Overly Exaggerated Temper Tantrum
THACXIV - Days Gone By
THACXV - Payback

THAC is a Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest where you are given just 24 hours from seeing the brief to submitting your entry - one day from brief to story board to filming, editing and publishing is an interesting challenge!


Here are some of my favourite brick films from other animators who have inspired me with their content, techniques, humour and/or story lines - I hope you enjoy them too



There may be some mild language and/or mild violence in some of these brickfilms




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