Here are a few of my brick films, form the early ones when I was learning, to some of my latest films 

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Fantastic Bricks - 4 part series
The Secret About Stormtroopers
Duel of the Wizards - Gandalf v Dumbeldore

This was a commission from a university professor who studied the brain and used MRI scanners on a regular basis. She now uses it as a training video for her first year students



Here are some of my competition entries. 

THAC is a Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest where you get just 24 hours from seeing the brief to submitting your entry. The theme of THACXVI was something I can't remember

The overly exaggerated temper tantrum was entered into the 

Here are some of my favourite brick films from other animators who have inspired me with their content, techniques, humour and/or story lines - hope you enjoy them too


500 Terry Francois St. 

San Francisco, CA 94158



Dragonframe // Hitfilm

Available for commission


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