The Battle of the Somme

This film was completed for a coursework project and aims to show a little of the human story behind one of the bloodiest battles in wartime history 


This video was completed for a social project and is aimed at promoting cyber safety amongst 10-14 year olds. Please contact me if you would like to use this video in your own teaching of social awareness 

This animation was an entry into a  competition to feature in the opening sequence of the Lego Ninjago movie. 



Here are a few of my brick films, from the early ones when I was learning, to some of my latest films. Visit my YouTube channel to see more videos (and don't forget to subscribe to get the latest updates!)

Star Wars Rogue One - The Battle of the Beach
The Secret About Stormtroopers
Duel of the Wizards - Gandalf v Dumbeldore


I was commissioned to build an MRI scanner in Lego for a Behavioural Neuro-Scientist teaching at the University of Roehampton.


This video, one of my first animations, was a little add-on. It is now shown to all freshers before they start working with MRI scanners . . . although to date they have not had to deal with quite such a tricky patient!




Here are some of my competition entries:

Watch That Snow was submitted to 25 Brick Films of Christmas, an advent calendar with a new animation each day.

Watch That Snow

The Overly Exaggerated Temper Tantrum was an online animation challenge.

Overly Exaggerated Temper Tantrum

The two animations below were for THAC, a Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest where you are given just 24 hours from seeing the brief to submitting your entry - one day from brief to story board to filming, editing and publishing is an interesting challenge!

THACXIV - Days Gone By
THACXV - Payback


Here are some of my favourite brick films from other animators who have inspired me with their content, techniques, humour and/or story lines - I hope you enjoy them too



There may be some mild language and/or mild violence in some of these brickfilms

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